HR Peer Advisory Boards Now Forming

Leading HR efforts is difficult and there’s nothing anyone can do or say to change that. But we help share the load.

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HR leaders are escaping the island of isolation and connecting with one another in a transparent, authentic and helpful way. No vendors, no sales pitches. Just helpful advice from those who face the same struggles you face. Maybe your firm isn’t hitting the mark on talent management or recruiting and retention...but someone on your peer advisory board can help. Or maybe you are a compensation expert and you can help a fellow board member with their executive comp plans.

Imagine how good it will feel to have a bench of peer group experts at your disposal anytime to bounce ideas off of and guide you through the ups and downs of leading a mid-market Human Capital function.

Board membership requirements:

  • In an HR leadership role or an  HR Center of Excellence
  • You are not afraid to share your challenges in order to get great feedback
  • Currently work in an organization with over 500 employees or have worked in a leadership role in larger organizations in the past
  • Not actively seeking new employment

If you are an HR leader for your organization and aren’t meeting with a group of peers on a regular basis, you are missing the opportunity to bring your full potential. Avoid costly mistakes by learning from others who have already overcome similar challenges.

Going it alone is a path that too many of us have walked. From one HR professional to another, we have to stick together. Top HR Leaders have the right people in their corner. Let us help.


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